Cayman native Ted Green, designs authentic fragrances inspired by the exotic Islands. Established in 2007, Ted Green fragrances are designed using French quality standards in Grasse-France, popularly referred to as the perfume capital of the world. In 2010, Ted Green launched the first fragrance from his line, a lasting Eau de Parfum grade which boasts the highest quality in perfume standards.

Banana Orchid is a long-lasting, sophisticated fragrance named after the national flower of the Cayman Islands and hones the natural aroma of this exotic flora. Like the actual flower, Banana Orchid is a scent found only in the Cayman Islands.

For visitors of the Cayman Islands looking for a special keepsake, Ted Green Fragrances is also the answer for the perfect gift idea….a luxury novelty reminiscent of the Cayman Islands.